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Wendee Hartman - Manager

(386) 586-4816

Call (386) 437-4116 or email your request to Public Records Request

play online video poker gamesAs part of the criminal justice process and as required by the state's Public Records Statutes, more than a million pieces of paper, ranging from traffic tickets to entire criminal cases are collected and maintained by the Records Division.

online slots guideThe paper trail begins with the deputy on the road and is eventually processed and filed in the Records Division of the Flagler County Sheriff's Office.

As technology continues to develop, a goal of the Sheriff's Office is to reduce the amount of paperwork generated through this office. Mobile data units in patrol cars are the first step toward that goal by generating all information electronicallyonline real cash casino.

Requests for Reports

The public may request copies of accident and incident reports. If you have reported an incident or accident and need to obtain a copy for your insurance company, contact the Records Division for assistancenew casino online for us player.

igt slots to play onlineIn order to expedite your request, please provide the following information: case number, date, time, and location of incident when applicable, or the location the report was made, along with the name of person or persons involved. Other requests can be made under the freedom of information act.

FSS Title X, Chapter 119.07how to download casino games


2014 Flagler County Sheriff’s Office User Feesinternet gambling in california

1.         Copy requests over 7 pages:                           Actual cost if extensive plus $.15 per page.

2.         Copy requests for reports over 7 pages:          Actual cost if extensive plus $.15 per page.  

3.         Reports to victim:                                             No cost for 2 copies of report.       
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4.         Certified copies of reports:                               $1.00 per page.

5.         Local criminal records checks                          $5.00.

6.         Fingerprinting:                                                  $5.00 for electronic and $7.00 for ink. 

7.         Dispatch Audio (911):                                       Actual cost if extensive.  $1.00 per cd plus postage, if mailed.                                     

casino gambling internet uk8.         Information technology reports:                        Actual cost if extensive. 

*          Extensive is defined as 30 minutes or more. Any request may have added fees if the FCSO incurs additional costs to produce the record. All other fees statutorily established shall be in accordance with applicable law. Individual copies for the media will be free unless extensive research or preparation is required or request is of a voluminous and time consuming nature. Requests for more than two reports can result in charges listed above being applied.

Our hours of Operation are Monday Through Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.

About Us

The Flagler County Sheriff's Office has the solemn duty of serving and protecting the citizens of our great county.

Address: 901 East Moody Blvd, Bunnell, FL 32110
Phone: (386) 437-4116 
Fax: (386) 586-4820

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